White on White


Final quilting panels

Out of the quilts that I have made so far I am only really happy with two so I am only going to use these two to make into an actual outcome.

Catalogue Photographs/Single piece changes

It was time to take photographs of our work for the catalogue, however I had actually not completed anything yet to use for the catalogue. So instead I selected my favourite dress and had this photographed. From this it was suggested from the tutors that the dress looks nice singularly and I couldn’t agree more. I was starting to feel very worried about the construction of such a large quilt, especially because I have never tried quilting before so I am learning the process as I go along. By changing the quilt into smaller constructions, as close to a single duvet size as possible, it means that I wont really have that self created environment I was aiming for the beginning of the project. However I think that the interactivity with the quilt does add an experience in itself, instead of just walking into a space like I would have achieved If I was creating a large panel that would have been curved to create a small space.

Test Quilt

I have quickly assembled a prototype of what the clothes will look like on top of the quilt. I like the outcome but am not sure on the success of the quilt I don’t think the coloured thread actually works well, it makes it look messy. I also created patterns referencing my body from drawings I have previously done in the start of the year, however when stitched these didn’t look very nice and the geometric forms work a lot better. I am also thinking of trying to have a reference of an obvious English symbol and Indian symbol as a quilt design.

Attaching Pom Poms

To be in keeping with the other side of the quilt I am making the trails of pompoms quit long. Howver I feel like this could be a really bad idea in the long run as it gets tangled very easily. I a sewing on strings of pink wool to the dress where the sleeves should be and then sewing by the hand the pompoms to the string.

Quilting sample cotton

After my order of cotton had finally arrived after a grand total of 12 days, I completed my first quilting sample using this fabric. My previous sample was using calico so is thicker so is easier to sew with as it doesn’t have a tendency to pucker like with the cotton. The sample is really nice however because the over all quilt is going to be very large I am going to have to make the pattern larger a it takes so long to create just one small square.


This shows the process in which I tried to figure out the most efficient way of attaching two quilting panels together. I think it looks very clean and it will hopefully add some strength to the large structure of the quilt.